History is filled with cases where the influence of writings proved strong enough to bring about revolutionary changes in individuals and even entire societies. This concept of the revolutionary power that can be channeled through writing is best known through the expression that immortalized it: “the pen is mightier than the sword.” With the intent of tapping into this potential, the blogs here at Write To Fight will be stored in a People’s Cache, where readers are free to look for tools for empowerment. And while writings can be tools for empowerment for the reader, at the same time the act of writing can be an act of empowerment: all comments, reflections by the reader, are welcome. The purpose here is to provoke thought and to challenge the status quo with writings waiting to be read by someone ready for a revolutionary change.

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1 Response to “About the blog”

  1. 1 Equacion Boricua August 14, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    Let me begin by stating for all of the brothers and sisters that are inside and outside of my spiritual circles of elders, peers and all my beloved godchildren all praise to God the all powerful and merciful, his beloved son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am called by God to protect and serve my people and all people who struggle and sacrifice for freedom and justice. Nothing else matters to me politics is a tool but only the word and works of God serves as my shield and sword.In my journey I have been blessed to walk with brothers and sisters that are Marxist, Muslims, Santeros, Paleros and Buddhists in comfort and faith that different doors lead to different paths but out of this comes one struggle for freedom. As resilient as our people have been it is time to move forward and not to negotiate or capitulate on the principles delivered to us by our ancestors and their African-Indigenous legacy. Freedom is an unconditional birth right and deliverance is not only a path or vocation but must be our common mission.

    I am really prepared and predisposed to the situation we have to face in our community. Every challenge resurrects our spirit and rekindles our ancestral roots. When we proposed revolutionary struggle in the 1970s we were not talking about militaristic adventurism centered on the individual ego but instead developing a peoples struggle centered around collective and community needs and concerns that would lead to transformative systemic change.I am 49 years old and have seen the lasting effects of this struggle with the recent appointment of Sotomayor to the US Supreme court being hailed as a victory while many Black, Puerto Rican, Native American and White political prisoners and prisoners of war are still incarcerated inside the US penal system. Freedom and release of our captive warriors can demonstrate good jud

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