Himalaya Project

Homes of peasants in the Himalayan valleys

Just as opposing forces made the Himalayas
So did opposing forces create housing projects
How else could it be?
Knowing they are for the working-class poor
And the rich need only money, not their well-being
And can’t, by definition, concede without demand
Housing projects must have been erected for us
The working-class poor that demand decent housing…
Yet the housing we get are not grand in poetic altitudes
They remain among the lowest of society’s valleys
In the shadows of the grand scale of majesty
But what does this all mean?
If the Himalayas were born in the jagged uprooting of those valleys
So the rich were born in the jagged uprooting of those who struggle
Which means the humble have worked for others
And have the weight of the world on their shoulders
The role as the base of all majesty
And the honor of remaining after the peaks crumble in excess


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