Elma Beatriz Rosado speaks out in NYC

****Elma Beatriz Rosado is a proud Puerto Rican woman who stood by the side of her husband as a shootout on their home began. Elma was able to escape what became the murder scene of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos. Standing by her husband’s side, living for 15 years in clandestinity with him, she continues her struggle today. Going on a full 5 years since the taking of her husband’s physical life by a joint task force including FBI agents, going on a full 5 years since the beginning of her husband’s spiritual life that goes in history as part of the Puerto Rican culture of resistance, this recording is her first statement in New York City since then. Elma Beatriz Rosado, in making this statement on a number of issues, continues Filiberto’s struggle, as well as her own, and our’s. For more info on Filiberto, check out https://writetofight.wordpress.com/resistance/****

Elma Beatriz Rosado – Pace University, Manhattan, NYC, 03-20-2010


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