****This poem was influenced by Tupac Shakur. Through all of his human faults he was an inspiration to many. What particularly spoke to me was his concept of a rose growing in concrete. This poem is for him, and everyone else who grow and develop in spite of their seemingly harsh environment; for people whose beauty i have come to see beneath their seeming appearance. Let us judge each other, if at all, not by appearances, but by character.****

Tupac Amaru Shakur with his strong smile

i am a rose
Do you like how i smell?
Or does my dust make you sneeze?
i am a rose
In the middle of concrete
Trying my best to show beauty
i am a rose
A petal or two missing
But a rose nonetheless
i am trying my best to show beauty
To bring smiles
But my appearance misleads
People avoid me
They say they’ve seen better
But they don’t realize my strength
My own beauty
What makes me unique
They don’t stop to talk
They walk on
As i fall further to the ground
A lonely rose growing in concrete
Waiting to be noticed
Standing against all odds
Proud and bold
Cherishing all moments
In my unseen beauty

A rose i rose
In the middle of concrete
Now i wither and collect dust
To be picked up and loved


1 Response to “Rose”

  1. 1 claire May 26, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    i love this poem..but it makes me really sad. but i keep rereading it.

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