The Martyr

****On this day in history we remember Ángel Rodríguez Cristóbal, a man who at 33 years old was arrested May 19, 1979 during a religious vigil held on Vieques, to be tortured and killed on November 11, 1979 in the Tallahassee, Florida prison cell he was sentenced to. He is in history as a remarkable activist, leader, organizer, and martyr in the struggle for Puerto Rican independence and self-determination.****


Ángel Rodríguez Cristóbal

30 years have passed
For many more your name will last
This poem is for you, Ángel
A martyr for Vieques
A martyr for all Puerto Ricans
A martyr for a cause that continues
A martyr for humanity
You gave the ultimate sacrifice
You paid the ultimate price
You gave your life to a just cause
No longer here
Your words we hold dear
“When you fight for something just,
There is nothing to fear.”


1 Response to “The Martyr”

  1. 1 Equacion Boricua January 20, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    Once we celebrated our heroes today many choose to either forget them or are unaware of there very existence. In the Cafe Con Teatro Colao that my wife and I initiated we began this process of revealing this history and our heroes. Puerto Rican Equation developed the concept of active alternative which is engagement plus education equals empowerment and has decided to develop projects that are proactive and progressive such as the Cafe con Teatro Colao, we mustn’t lose sight that the death of our martrys opens up the past and the path for liberation because we are literally “standing on the shoulders of our ancestors” and in the words of the Bantu/Kikongo proverb “we must lift up what holds us up” Simba Simbi.By being rooted in our core values, cimarron community conciousness and developing active alternatives that encircle us through building unity is the path towards the light. Stay very blessed and strong.

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