For Assata And Guillermo In Cuba

Assata Shakur and William Guillermo Morales free in Cuba

Assata Shakur and William Guillermo Morales free in Cuba

****This poem consists of spontaneous thoughts written down. It is about two freedom fighters who escaped U.S. custody in 1979. Only they can explain their reasons for escaping, but i would point out that Assata was severely beaten, denied medical attention, and placed in the basement of men’s prisons, while Guillermo was charged in federal court and then state court for the same criminal offense (totally illegal), denied proper medical treatment, and denied his hands that could have been reattached with a surgical operation (he lost them when an explosive he was building malfunctioned). Furthermore, because of their politics, they knew they would receive prison sentences much longer than people charged with the same or similar charges, which makes them political and not criminal prisoners (i might add, Guillermo has stated that as a political prisoner it was his right to escape).****

We all know where you are
But they will never find you
We all know what you stand for
But they are corrupt and deaf
We all know you are free in Cuba
And We know they can’t stand it
We, freedom lovers and seekers
Are your descendents in struggle
We know how to talk in plural
We do not speak for the “i”
We do not fight for the “i”
And We fight to win
We will never lose
Much like you two
Just when they think they have us
We’ll shake loose their grip
And continue with a stronger spirit
We’ll never give up
Even if We win in our children
Because this is a prolonged war
We’ll make progress like you
Leave the struggle in a better shape
We’ll make things more clear
We’ll open paths and clean them
Just as you two did and do
You are still examples for us
You show resistance in exile
You show We don’t have to give up
That We can continue fighting
That We’ll always be wanted
As long as We keep fighting
But as long as We face repression
We know We’re getting to them
But more importantly to our people
Because effective struggle breeds repression
And you are both still wanted
They’ll wet their pants if they succeed
Because they only want slaves
And more jail cells filled up
More political prisoners
More denial of human rights
More war
More death
More families destroyed
More than these present times
We hope they never catch you
We hope you keep struggling
Because We love to see you together
In Cuba


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